what's wrong with testnet 3.0?

  • The launch of testnet 3.0 has been postponed for the internet issue. but how long will it take?

  • It's a very good question! They are focusing on the project itself, finding some bugs, and improving the whole network performance. I'm dying to see the launch of testnet 3.0, so I believe that testnet 3.0 will be released soon. You can keep close eye on their bi-weekly report or go the its official website.

  • Something may go wrong with the team. The price of MTV continues to fall. I regret the decision i made in the first place, buying it. Can' t to find words to express the feeling i have right now. Just wanna to tell the team that please do something!

  • The team is working hard on developing, we will announce if has any problem. Please stay tune. Thank you .

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