Testnet 3.0 / Mainnet

  • @Frank_MultiVAC @CiCi_MultiVAC @BEN_MultiVAC Is there any way we can get a rough estimate of when Testnet 3.0 will be released? As someone who has been in the crypto space for several years, I can tell you that communities appreciate communications early if there will be a delay. I think most people understand that there will absolutely be a delay on the delivery of mainnet. This is due to the fact that Testnet 3.0 hasn't even been released. To make it worse, there hasn't been a rough date or timeframe when it will be released.

    I recommend getting out in front of this with a solid delivery plan. I 100% support the project and want it to succeed, this is why i'm pointing this out. As someone who works in IT, I understand delays. However, your average crypto community member is clueless about how IT works and how things often slide to the right due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Thanks a lot for your patient mate. The most important problem we are dealing with is the stability of the whole sharding network. This is the main reason why we postponed to release testnet 3.0. But please trust us, we are focusing on it, and we have found the problem and we will fix it finally.

    As you know, the totally sharding network is a pure decentralized network and the transmission between peer to peer will cost lots of resources, we need to reduce the cost and make the confirmation faster but safe. That is quite a challenging mission.

    For sure, if anything changed, we will announce in social media and tell community in advance , thanks for your patient .

  • Seconded! Delay is just too common is tech explore..Team please release an honest and clear announcement for this. That's all we need.

  • @超级中本聪 Sure thing. Agree with you mate .

  • @Frank_MultiVAC thank you for the update.

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