Cloud Mining Program for MultiVAC Testnet 3.0 ‘Oracle’

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    To ensure all miners can attain rewards stably, the cloud mining program of MultiVAC will continue as always. You can follow the instruction below to join the mining program.

    Cloud Mining: After deposit, users can get mining rewards without any hardware and threshold just by paying server fee of cloud server. In other words, the techinical team will directly run cloud service to mine for them.

    Threshold: None

    • How to participate:

    Transfer the token to official deposit address:

    • Fill in the info collection form:

    Why to join? Convenient, flexible, effort saving. After depositing, you can always receive the mining rewards.

    Query Mining Rewards
    Query your mining rewards via blockchain browser (😞
    Reward rankings:

    Deposit & Rewards Withdrawal

    We will handle the deposit and withdrawal requests on Tuesday and Friday alone. Miners can submit the application at any time, and these applications will be solved on these two working days.

    Deposit comes into effect: Tuesday or Friday
    Withdrawal comes into effect: Tuesday or Friday

    Miners who plan to withdraw the mining rewards should fill in the form and submit first:

    Attention: Please leave a note if your receiving address is not the deposit address and send an e-mail to our team ( beforehand.


    a.Mining parameter: 4 Shards, around 10 sec/ block in one Shard, 5MTV rewards/block, around 34,560 blocks/day, 172,800 MTV rewards/day
    b.We’re not going to re-invest for miners in this stage. All rewards will be automatically transferred to testnet account. Miners who are interested in re-investment, please keep an eye on your own balance and withdraw it to re-invest.
    c. As the official version of testnet 3.0 has been launched, we will pause all other reward programs of mining. All rewards gained before will be distributed soon. From now, miners joining the testnet 3.0’s mining will only enjoy the mining rewards. You can always check the dynamic annual rewards ratio at
    d.The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to the project.

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