Banned from telegram

  • I was just banned from the telegram group basically for agreeing with someone that the project appears dead to newcomers. My reasoning was the following.
    Almost no mentions in youtube videos the past year.
    A dead forum with almost no activity.
    A totally dead reddit.

    Especially the last one. People visit reddit to get information, and what they see is a reddit with no activity for many months. They do not know that people can not write in the reddit anymore so will probably assume that people have lost interest in the project. That it is dead.

    I never called it dead. I just told how it appears to newcomers and the impression I had before buying. I also wrote that it would probably be better to close the reddit to avoid that people get the wrong impression.

    What does it say about moderators or the project that something like this is a cause for being banned from the telegram? Are they really that insecure? Not a good sign to me.

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