MultiVAC issues 1:1 token swap in response to Kucoin security breach — ensuring no loss to MTV holders

  • The automatic distribution of new MTV token has been done!

    Dear Community,

    For the sake of processing the hacked tokens from Kucoin, our team has been working hard to find the best possible outcome for our loyal community of holders, investors, and partners. We have a lot of discussions with Kucoin and finally decides to fork, which has been proved as the best solution for all supporters.

    The old contract is stopped, the new contract address is 0x6226e00bCAc68b0Fe55583B90A1d727C14fAB77f .
    The new contract is same as the old one, and it is reviewed by PeckShield which is the world’s Tier 1 security audit company.

    You don't need to do anything as a holder, our team and partners will do the swap operations. The hacked tokens will return to Kucoin, and there will be no loss to MTV holders. All staked tokens and rewards will remain in place and this will occur automatically.

    Note: If you hold MTV in an ERC20 wallet as a custom token, please update the contract address.

    Thanks a lot for your patience ~

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