Cross-shard transaction fees

  • Will MTV have higher fees for cross-shard transactions?

  • @Frank_MultiVAC I answered my own question here thanks to the Purple paper:

    "Each cross-shard transaction requires a miner to send newly generated data outputs to the
    recipient’s shard, which must then be merged into the recipient shard’s Main Merkle Tree before
    they can be used. In contrast, in-shard transactions can be used by the payee as soon as it is
    confirmed by an in-shard miner. For this reason, cross-shard transactions increase transaction
    latency significantly over in-shard transactions.
    From a user's point of view, not only do cross-shard transactions increase latency, they will
    also result in higher gas usage costs. Allowing users to have an account in all shards effectively
    encourages users to minimize their costs and network latency by choosing to conduct more inshard transactions, thus organically reducing cross-shard interaction load."

    However, I do still have a question.....will end-users be able to dictate which shard their account is created on? As mentioned and expected, in-shard transactions are obviously faster and cheaper.

  • @troytrojan01 As far as I know, it is impossible for users to predict that an account will be created in that shard.

  • @哈利路亚 Seele actually has the option to select which shard creates the account within their wallet.

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