About Protocol Dev & Discussion

  • About Protocol Dev & Discussion

    Welcome all to this section. Feel free to post anything relevant to the R&D of MultiVAC's protocol.

    Rules for MultiVAC Forum:

    Everyone is welcomed to join our forum and discuss, but please follow the rules:

    • Don't post irrelevant topics or spam in any forum.
    • Don't insult or attack other people verbally. Name-calling is strictly forbidden in the forum.
    • Don't post any sensitive topics like politics, military, pornography, violence, racial discrimination or others might put the public interest or the forum's safety in jeopardy.
    • Don't post other advertisements or other project's specific content in this forum.
    • Don't post anything forbidden by law or other regulations.

    Posts violating the above rules will be deleted or banned by the administrator. Have a good time and build a health forum with us!

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